We headed back on July 6 to take a quick look at the progress and snap a few pics.  The siding was coming together, and I took the opportunity to relax in the shade with little Maisie while Chris snapped some progress shots.

Siding coming along

Siding coming along

Rear view of siding

Rear view of siding

Between several ferns

Between several ferns

2 very tired people hanging out

2 very tired people hanging out

I dragged my wounded self (having given birth 2 weeks prior) to the property with my mom, Chris and the baby because we just had to check things out for ourselves.

The things that strike you most in person are:

1) The house is much larger than it appears in renderings, photos or your imagination.  It’s only just over 1800 sq. feet, but the space is laid out so well that it seems much larger

2) There’s probably another 1800 sq. feet in deck space.  It’s no wonder that a sizable portion of our budget goes toward the decking material.

3) We sited the house perfectly for the location, nestled just above the tree grove.  The views from the top and the living/dining/kitchen area are particularly lovely.

4) It was way too early for me and baby to have traveled for a few hours.  But we learned the hard way.


From above the driveway area


Peering at the upper deck from the driveway


The view from the tree grove. Check out the cantilever of that top module. Will make a great covered patio for rainy Seattle days.


From the top of runway easement.


A closer look at the cantilever and upper deck area.


The view from the upper deck


Peeking at the cedar siding on the top module


The world’s most beautiful pantry shelves.


Standing in the living room looking at the kitchen. The middle of room fireplace is way bigger than we had hoped, but once we remove the cardboard and have all that glass, we hope it will open up the space a bit more again. If you’ll recall, this was our reluctant solution to “hide” the necessary support beam in the center of the room.


Kitchen and island – without appliances. Blonde bamboo custom cabinetry matches the floors.


Kitchen island, looking toward the wall of windows on the left


From the office, gazing at down the hallway lined with windows.


Powder bathroom downstairs. Tile pattern and custom cabinets and sinks match upstairs bathrooms.


Me, mom and baby hanging out by the truck, preparing for a back of the truck diaper change.

Here’s a time lapse video of set day on our property – 5/28/13.  Chris was clever enough to bring the SLR and set it up for time lapse photography and his video turned out great!  I highly urge you to watch in full screen mode.

I highly urge you to watch in HD 1080p by adjusting the quality settings on the embedded video above – assuming you have a fast internet connection.

I believe Method may have shot their own video, so I’ll try to link to their site as soon as theirs goes up as well.

[Photography by Chris Roy]

It’s set day!  The modules have made it down I-5, across the runway behind our property and onto our land.  So far, so good!

Here’s a photo from a few minutes ago.  The crane is moving module 1 off the flatbed and onto the foundation.

I am not there, as me and baby are still in recovery mode, but Chris is taking a boatload of photos, so look for some updated posts in the coming days.

Set Day

Module 1 getting ready for placement


Module 2 getting ready to go

Module 2 getting ready to go

We picked out appliances a few months back for appraisal and loan purposes, but just placed our final order a few weeks back.

We spent a lot of time doing research online and analyzing appliances everywhere we went.  The main appliance that we knew we wanted was the induction cooktop.  Chris had wanted one forever, and I took a cooking class (I know, shocking) where the teacher just raved about them.  I also like the fact that it’s relatively safe for little ones not to burn themselves. Once we found one we liked that was well-reviewed, we built the rest of the selections around that.

Below are the specs of our final selections.  Some of the very final decisions were driven by budget and practicality (i.e., the Kitchen Aid fridge saved us several hundred dollars over the matching GE Monogram version that actually had less cubic feet of space).  Our kitchen space is actually quite small, so we wanted to make the most of our appliances without overwhelming the space.


Kitchen Aid Fridge/Freezer (Counterdepth)

bosch dishwasher

Bosch dishwasher


Whirlpool Duet Washer


Whirlpool Duet Dryer

washer dryer pedestal

Pedestals for washer and dryer


GE Monogram Microwave/Over the Range Hood


GE Profile Induction Cooktop


GE Monogram Wall Oven

This week we confirmed our set date as Tues May 28th. On that date, 2 modules of our home will travel down Interstate 5 from northern Washington, through Tacoma and over to our property to be set in place on the foundation using a crane.

I’m sure you all heard about the bridge north of Seattle that collapsed a few days ago?  Thankfully, nobody was seriously injured.

Bridge Collapse

Well, that bridge was supposed to be crossed with our home on Tuesday, and I-5 is now closed in both directions at that point.

Thankfully our trucking company seems to have figured out an alternate route around this for our heavy load, but of course, it will now cost more money for transportation.  So far, we’re still on for Tuesday – they are aiming to set at the property around noon.

Chris will be there – me and baby are staying close to home since we’re both still healing.  Chris will provide plenty of photos and videos I’m sure.  Stay tuned.

We have been incredibly nervous about the fact that our first-born child was due essentially 1 day before our set date of the modules onto our property.  The set day actually requires us to be there, to shut down the shared runway in the back to traffic for awhile while 2 trucks and a crane cross to get to our property.

Well, our little baby decided to surprise us and pop out a little early.  Maisie Clark Roy was born on May 15, 2013 at 5:10pm.  She’s the most wonderful, beautiful and resilient little creature and we couldn’t be happier.

In addition to the usual adjustment of having a newborn child, she has jaundice, so we’ve been in and out of home and hospital treatments so we’re quite sleep deprived at this point.

Everything is coming together for the house, but I’m a little behind on updates due to… well, having my hands full.  Bear with us.


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